my name is Urumi,
and this is personal.
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So nervous that I am trembling. What should I say to you? When?

Will it come out just right?

I did not expect it to happen so early.. 

I think I could die with this heart beat rate.. God aid me with my speech tonight..

When people say you’re beautiful and all that you want to hear from is him.

When people try to make your day and all you want for your day is him.

When people give jokes to make you smile and all you want to smile to when you see him.

When the only person you are expecting from is him.


it becomes so hazy you cant see where you’re going. When the only things that guides you are the sounds from your hearing. When those things are not the best things to be heard of. When it is the hurtful truth that you are hearing. When you know its gonna happen someday.

It feels like I am preparing for death, and now I am slowly silently dying. Or maybe its my heart that I am going to part with.

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