my name is Urumi,
and this is personal.
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Handmaids to work. And a girl wants to feel pretty. #vain

Handmaids to work. And a girl wants to feel pretty. #vain

Good byes are never easy..

I thought I had no heart left, but you proved me wrong.

My heart that was long broken ;

As I kissed your cheeks for the last time I felt whats left of it crumbles.

And I cant fight the tears pouring, watching you sleep so calmly.

I cant breathe, my chest pounding with pain as the thought of you are not mine swept across me.

Funny, how your silly jokes swept me off my feet. How awkward your actions caught me off guard. How hollow this chest had become without you.

And its sadder how much this heart has a strong liking for you and you showed none, its not even fighting from your destruction.

This is not the love I have imagined all my life. And still I love you. And I hate myself for that. Dreaming of happiness with you is all I have now. Let the sun and the moon with the shining stars watch you down below for this little helpless kitty. May you find what you are looking for in this life.

Happy birthday, dearest Cookie Monster.

Only if I know where is the clear line now..

Only if I know where is the clear line now..

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Jenna Leigh Kutcher


Its more than a year since I left tumblr and went out to see the world. I did a little tidying up here and there. Theres just alot of beautiful things in this blog that I cant seem to just leave behind. 

I dont care anymore if I have followers or not, it would be nice if I do. Well, its personal anyways in here. Its like my own virtual scrapbook. Four years plus and counting . <3

So nervous that I am trembling. What should I say to you? When?

Will it come out just right?

I did not expect it to happen so early.. 

I think I could die with this heart beat rate.. God aid me with my speech tonight..